Ca Trakai av Nangijala

Born: 26-06-2010 Dead: 14-12-2018      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male (not spayed) Variety: Groenendael
Symptoms: vomited, stopped eating, lost weight
Type of cancer: he was not autopsied, they assumed liver cancer, although they did not rule out gastric cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: 8-2018
Diagnoze method: endoscopy
Medication used: a lot, continued lack of response to immunosuppressions for chronic, mostly lympho-plasmacytic gastroenteritis with some eosinophils
Notes: The endoscopic samples from the mass/nodule in the stomach were very superficial and only contained tips of intestinal villi, showing chronic, mostly lumpo-plasmacytic gastroenteritis with some eosinophils (so no cancer cells). The cytology of the liver showed increased hemosiderin pigment that is confirmed to be ferric iron on aditional staining. This indicates increased iron in the liver without a clear cause.

Boetsch de Bruine Buck Greco de la Grande Lande Fandy-Black de Condivicnum
Evy du Clos du Cher
NOZEM de Bruine Buck Don Benito Del Castel Sardo
Laska Batazicht
Aja Arissa Dakota Donatrix Quastor Valkohampaan Dumbarton
Donatrix Altesse
Merci Comme un Reve Noir Zsimba des Terres Bergeres
Bobbiblack van de Hoge Laer

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