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All owners or breeders of Belgian Shepherds can register their affected dog(s). For stomach cancer preferably the diagnosis is set by biopsis, because this can exclude different issues like Gastritis, which can give similar symptoms. However I do not want to exclude dogs that have been diagnozed in another way.

Fill in one of the forms and email it to:

Click on the icon for Word or PDF.
To fill in the pdf-document you can use the following website: PDFescape, or print the form, fill it in and send me a scan.
Cliquez sur l'icône pour Word ou PDF.
Pour remplir le document pdf, vous pouvez utiliser le site suivant: PDFescape, ou imprimez le formulaire, remplissez-le et envoyez-moi un scan.
Click op het icoon voor Word of PDF.
Het pdf-formulier kan ingevuld worden met behulp van de volgende website: PDFescape, of print het formulier, vul het in en stuur me een scan.
Stomach Cancer:
Other cancer:
Cancer d'estomac:
Autre cancer:
Andere kanker:

If you want to know more about the ongoing research, please contact one of the following parties:
- Dutch information and research on stomach cancer in Belgian Shepherds
- Stomach cancer study in Belgian Shepherds - American Belgian Tervueren Club

If you have questions or problems sending the information, please contact me!

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