Please respect breeders that have the guts to share information on this website. They take problems serious and actually try to reduce the risk for these problems in the future! Seeing some kennel names more often on this website, does NOT necessarily mean that these kennels have more problems. It means that these kennels are more open!
Be aware: ALL breeders have issues in their lines, not all of them are open about it. That is their choice, but don't think no information means no issues!
Date News
08-04-2024: 1 new dog added: P'eyden du Clos du Chemin Vert (GC),
15-03-2024: 1 new dog added: Xybele de Lescaut (GC),
25-12-2023: 1 new dog added: Valter Rocco La Vedette (nose C),
04-12-2023: 3 new dogs added: Curatrix's Aurora (SC), Silvertrace's H Gracie's Pick Luna (SC), Maya du Chemin des Sorcieres (SC)
18-08-2023: 1 new dog added: Adagio Belbrook Oso Deep Purple (SC),
13-08-2023: 1 new dog added: Cornus Sorelle di Dundee (SC),
21-07-2023: 2 new dogs added: Isengard's Genuine Risk (SC), Isengard's Gotta Skip (SC)
20-07-2023: 4 new dogs added: Marmara Xantana (SC), Isengard's Zilli (SC), Isengard's Zippity A'Dew Dah (SC), Sans Brancos Oso Captain Crunch (bone C)
23-11-2022: 1 new dog added: Hexen House Fuhrac (SC)
20-10-2022: 1 new dog added: Night Sky's Cascade Horizon (Metastatic carcinoma)
24-04-2022: 1 new dog added: Synecdocke's Velvet Elvis (SC)
16-04-2022: 1 new dog added: MoonQuest Treue (SC)
11-04-2022: 1 new dog added: Sky Acres Evasive Maneuvers (SC)
23-02-2022: 2 new dogs added: Timberwind's True Magic (Haemangiosarcoma) Timberwind's Rising Storm (Lymphoma)
15-02-2022: 1 new dog added: Missi Dog Arabat (SC)
27-01-2022: 1 new dog added: Jasmine Starý Machnác (SC)
31-12-2021: 11 new dogs added: much admiration for the courage and openness of this breeder!
Landmark Gemstone Thief (osteosarcoma), Landmark Sandstone (osteosarcoma), Landmark Etched in Stone (lung&stomach tumors), Landmark Message in a Bottle (mammarytumor), Landmark Navigator (Sertoli cell tumor), Landmark Test Pilot (mammarytumor), Landmark Puppeteer (Leukemia), Landmark Puppet Master (Oral tumor), Landmark Puppet Show (Lymphoma), Bergeau Arlequin Replica (Hemangiosarcoma), Snowflower Tailwind (Liver cancer),
19-12-2021: 1 new dog added: Isengard's Zest for Life (SC)
11-12-2021: 2 new dogs added: Snowflower Tuceau de Sharvon (SC), Grimmendans Cam (SC)
09-12-2021: 1 new dog added: Vernois de la Tangi Morgane (SC)
30-11-2021: 1 new dog added: Branock Out to Impress (SC)
10-10-2021: 1 new dog added: Chateau Blanc's Magic Moment (SC)
18-09-2021: 3 new dogs added: StarBright Cinema Val D'Lsere (SC), Starbright Dancing with the Stars (SC) Starbright Quick Draw (SC)
28-08-2021: 2 new dogs added: Starbright Leelanau (SC), Landmark Cuppa Joe (SC)
03-04-2021: 1 new dog added: Calla z Koziarni (GC)
24-03-2021: 2 new dogs added: Nizhoni's In A Heartbeat (mammary C), Grimmendans Gigi (bone C)
19-02-2021: 2 new dogs added: Ca Trakai av Nangijala (liver C), Muletunet's Balder (nose C)
17-02-2021: 2 new dogs added: Starr Creek's Theo Béni di Crescendo (GC), Sinanju's Xantha of Gilean (GC), Vaquita's Hoppsan (C), Voo Doo's Lyra (C), Zaffi (GC)
14-02-2021: 2 new dogs added: Images Bo (bone C), Images V Jangles (SC)
07-02-2021: 1 new dog added: Lasco z Kovárny (SC)
03-11-2020: 1 new dog added: Frivole du Val Myrak (SC)
01-11-2020: 2 new dogs added: Landmark Signature (SC), Itessa (SC)
21-06-2020: 9 new dogs added. Kennel z Kovárny has been so brave to enter all their cases of stomach cancer, to help breeders making smart decisions in breeding. Daisy z Kovárny (SC), Emy Adina z Kovárny (SC), Heavenly Vision z Kovárny (SC), Ginny Black Gnome z Kovárny (SC), New Black Beauty z Kovárny (SC), Gourou Black z Kovárny (SC), Really Black z Kovárny (SC), Harmony In Black z Kovárny (SC), Utrillo z Kovárny (C/SC)
01-06-2020: 1 new dog added: Livani's Amido (SC)
31-05-2020: 2 new dogs added: Sarron Raynetree Number One Sun (SC), Grimmendans Gabor (SC)
28-05-2020: 1 new dog added: Casenoroyale Sakara Siloette of Andraste (SC)
24-05-2020: 1 new dog added: MyLady von der Holzheimer Rehtränke (SC)
11-05-2020: 1 new dog added: Sugar Creek Sun King (SC)
19-04-2020: 2 new dogs added: Gero von Frankental (SC), Bhanu of Sunshinegarden (bone C),
17-04-2020: 2 new dogs added: Phelani vom Motodrom (SC), Gyver vom Hohen Asgard (SC),
13-04-2020: 1 new dog added: Lyntreat Dancing Queen (SC),
Link added on the Information page: The NHGRI Dog Genome Project - Gastric Cancer, carried out by the Ostrander lab, in collaboration with the Dutch research on gastric cancer
24-11-2019: 2 new dogs added: Aftershock Ice Princess (SC), Indygo the Red Dragon (SC)
28-07-2019: New dog added: Vivant et Lisse Copper (Haemangiosarcoma),
30-05-2019: New dog added: Zark Quendi Rivendell (SC),
19-05-2019: New dogs added: Bellissima Anya d'Isonzo-T (SC), Landmark Puppet on a String (SC), Landmark Sealed With a Kiss (SC), Landmark Shadow Puppet (SC)
20-04-2019: New dog added: Hayk of the Home Port (Hemangiosarcoma of Spleen)
04-04-2019: New dog added: Tyboki's Lhinn (SC)
17-12-2018: New dogs added: Calouenn du Val Myrak (SC), Ulotte du Val Myrak (SC), Valenn du Val Myrak (SC)
09-08-2018: New dog added: Silhouette I Wanna Dance With Somebody (SC)
20-05-2018: New dog added: Auke of Dazzling Black (SC)
13-04-2018: New dog added: Djem du Bois d'Acacias (SC)
06-04-2018: New dog added: Shetara Celebrate Special Selection (SC)
11-12-2017: New dog added: Vapresto Delta Integrale (bone c)
22-11-2017: Update on: Liswyn's Z'Hot Stuff (dog was not epileptic, seizures were caused by brain tumor; type of cancer was lymphoblastic sarcoma)
13-11-2017: New dogs added: Bonvivant Firquill (SC), Holly v.d. Cart Hill Village (lymphoma)
03-02-2017: There is a new study on early signs of gastric diseases in Belgian Shepherds. It is carried out by the University of Helsinky (Finland). This study comprises a questionnaire, but also some dogs will be invited to the University for further examination (endoscopy). This will only be an option for the Finnish dogs, but information from non-Finnish dogs is welcome. The study is a PhD-study that continues until at least the year 2020. Here is the link to the questionnaire (you can also find it on the page Information): Questionnaire for Finnish study to early signs of gastric diseases
01-01-2017: List with health databases or databases with health info added to the page Information
29-12-2016: New dogs added: Ar'tfulfox's Fast And Famous (SC), Avatar Amethyst Aviv (SC), Cousin's Fitness Rina (SC), Dujoiedevie Fazilka (SC), Pyrytuulen Hot Lover (SC), Pyrytuulen Red Hot Lover (nose c), Quite Quick Lover z Kovárny (SC)
22-12-2016: Update: Deva du Bois de la Licorne (SC) has died
24-11-2016: New dogs added: Beau von den Schäferfichten (SC), Fairy von Stolpe Lachsbach (SC)
11-11-2016: New dog added: Ember Glo’s Great Memories (bladder c)
14-10-2016: New article added on page Information: Gastric carcinoma in canines and humans, a review (S. Hugen, R. E. Thomas, A. J. German, I. A. Burgener, P. J. J. Mandigers; Veterinary and Comparative Oncology, 22 August 2016)
12-09-2016: Modification: Synecdocke's ShEwe Fly (SC) is a female
08-09-2016: New dog added: Synecdocke's ShEwe Fly (SC)
01-09-2016: New dog added: Spiritus Ekstra (SC),
13-06-2016: New dogs added: Aha van Joefarm (insulinoma), Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis (anapl. mes. c), Like A Hurricane Eva Estrella (tumor)
10-06-2016: New dogs added: Empire-Bougien van de Hoge Wakers (SC), Shirocky's Harlekin (SC)
01-05-2016: New dog added: Adinda Donna of Double Black (SC)
23-04-2016: New dog added: Bijou Queeny of Ginno's Home (SC)
11-04-2016: New dog added: Farao Fox of Mystic Beauty (C), updates on Grando of Mystic Beauty (SC), Funny of Mystic Beauty (SC)
06-04-2016: New dogs added: Elancer's Bryn Myrrin L'Ariel (SC), Verseau's Neverland at Elancer (SC), L'Ariels Quantum Leap (SC), L'Ariel Renoux du Tahlequah (SC)
29-12-2015: New dog added: Roscoe Mooie van Greuningen (SC)
20-12-2015: New dogs added: Brookleen du Bois de la Licorne (SC), Deva du Bois de la Licorne (SC)
08-11-2015: New dogs added: Eternity's Raven (SC), Geronimo Wolf Marajuyo (SC)
17-10-2015: New dog added: Chevy's Lucandy (SC)
11-10-2015: New dog added: Cedar of Eternal Wind (SC)
21-09-2015: New dog added: Ylja Marajuyo (SC)
04-09-2015: New dogs added: Rodez de la Tangi Morgane (osteosarcoma), Funny of Mystic Beauty (SC), Jumpy Joey of Dark Brightness (SC), Filou l'Heritage de Duc (SC), Folklor's Burnin' Love (SC), Mesa Roja Rio Geronimo (soft tissue c)
Updated Shirocky’s Imagine (mammary c)
02-09-2015: New dogs added: Bilgay's Sword of Victory (SC), Black Hawkwind's Mozambique (bone c)
Updated Shirocky’s Imagine (mammary c)
27-08-2015: New dogs added: Akeron of Sundown Dancers (SC), Iris Marajuyo (SC)
06-08-2015: New dogs added: Shirocky’s Imagine (mammary c), Belle Indra of Irresistible Black (SC), Sunset And KO's Final Frontier (SC), Imka Joyce v.'t Galemat (liver c)
03-08-2015: New dogs added: Anni (LOSH 884474) (Lymphoma), Dotty (LOSH 959113) (adrenal c)
14-06-2015: New dogs added: Dablam du Bois de la Licorne (SC), Drakhane du Bois de la Licorne (SC), Feeling du Bois de la Licorne (SC)
17-04-2015: New dog added: Shadow (SC)
07-02-2015: New dogs added: Angelika Oridix (bone c), Visconti van Moned (SC)
03-02-2015: New dog added: Cora Ukojenie (SC)
18-01-2015: New dog added: Black Frodo of Dark Brightness (bone c)
12-01-2015: Update on: Liswyn's Z'Hot Stuff (type of cancer is lymphoma)
09-01-2015: New dog added: Liswyn's Z'Hot Stuff (c)
06-01-2015: New dogs added: Avatar’s Intrepid Ranger (SC), Bonntyme’s Heart O’A Conqueror (SC), Midnight Acres Cassiopeia (SC), Tyboki's Iwan-Boy (SC)
14-12-2014: New dog added: Spike (NHSB2611174) (SC),
19-11-2014: New dogs added: Eric van den Hegakker (SC), Kiara-Roos van den Hegakker (SC)
19-11-2014: New dog added: Extreme Willow of Dark Brightness (SC),
02-11-2014: New dogs added: Halusetha’s Silvi (spleen c), Nicky (NHSB 1690185) (adrenocortical c)
09-10-2014: New dog added: Cheyenne du Bois de la Licorne (SC)
12-09-2014: New dog added: Jolly du Chemin des Sorcieres (liver/spleen c)
09-09-2014: New dogs added: Mystique-Moon de Rancho Jerez (bone c), Fakaiser’s Jerez de Jaguar (liver c), Sensation Coyote heart Dance (Lymphoma), Starbright Extra Innings (Hemangiosarcoma), Helene du Chenil de France (mammary c)
05-09-2014: New dogs added: Devlin Marajuyo (SC), Millow Marajuyo (SC), Orage Pavot Marajuyo (SC), Reiko Marajuyo (SC)
I am very honoured that more and more kennels share my believe and provide information about their breeding for this website. I think this is a brave step and show that these kennels really care and take responsability in improving the health of our breed. Please note that seeing some kennel names more often on this website, does NOT necessarily mean that these kennels have more problems. It means that these kennels are more open!
31-08-2014: New dog added: Ultima Vay von der Waldfeenhöhe (SC)
28-08-2014: New dogs added: Unexpected Silver de la Vignette (SC), Yentos of the Two (testicular cancer)
27-08-2014: New dogs added: Darda z Leśnego Maneźu (lung c), Woodshine’s Winamac (bone C)
General information about cancer added. Click on the button Information. If you have any more information or good links, please let me know!
Some people ask me what is the (genetical) importance of a dog dying from cancer at old age. As I don't know where to draw a line, I just add these dogs but mention their age in the notes.
20-08-2014: New dogs added: Kingga van de Leienevel (Lymphoma), Jumpy Jason of Dark Brightness (SC), Shogun Comme un Ręve Noir (SC), Clea vom Westensee (Haemangiosarcoma), Azigo vom Erlendeipen (SC), Andra Andelsky Dum (fibrosarcoma), Ajou de la Souris Noire (bone c), Amelie de la Souris Noire (milk bar c), Alissa de la Souris Noire (brain tumor), Barclay de la Souris Noire (liver c), Barouche de la Souris Noire (liver c), Bijou de la Souris Noire (liver c), Briscar de la Souris Noire (bone c), Champ de la Souris Noire (lymphoma), Delice Carine de la Souris Noire (liver c), Dancer de la Souris Noire (prostate c), D 'Artagnan de la Souris Noire (thyroid c), Bergerac Xerxes (lymphoma), Tom Sigma (liver c), Van Lana's Hof, Keira Donna (SC)
08-08-2014: New dog added: Ascott de l’Arbrochiens (urethra c)
06-08-2014: New dogs added: Uba de l’Arbrochiens (mammary c), Chopin du Bois de la Licorne (lymph c)
04-08-2014: New dog added: SumerWynd In the Playoffs (HSA)
01-08-2014: New dog added: Bétor van de Belgische Vriendjes (bone marrow cancer)
27-07-2014: New dog added: Revloch Supertramp (SC)
25-07-2014: New dog added: Tacara's Blazin Banon (SC)
23-07-2014: New dog added: Woodshines Moonwalker Felix (SC)
21-07-2014: New dogs added: Images Under the Influence (bone cancer), Ebontide Nash at Moonflower (stomach cancer),
20-07-2014: New dogs added: Brie des Iles Fidji (bone cancer), Tessa (NHSB 1708452) (stomach cancer), Amy of Dazzling Black (belly c), Virtual Vasha of Dark Brightness (stomach cancer), Bionic Gaďa of Dark Brightness (tumor behind eye), Zpecturas Ada (jaw c), Shirocky’s Amazing Amanda (spleen c) Clyde-Xeyenne van de Weiwakers (stomach cancer)
19-07-2014: Updated the website and added lists for other cancers as well. New dog added: Isil Mouton du Patrie (prostate cancer).
18-07-2014: New dog added: Yentl of the Home Port.
14-07-2014: New dog added: Carbon Black’s Deejay. Thanks to all owners and breeders who have had the courage to send in information! Please keep sending in information!
13-07-2014: New dogs added: Fiona de Ceibe Lar, Ageno vom Westensee, Doerak Dominion de la Belle Pitou
09-07-2014: New dogs added: O-Tahn-Agon Cinema Duet, Grando of Mystic Beauty
08-07-2014: New dog added: Black Dizzle of Dark Brightness
27-06-2014: This website is online

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