Vaquita's Hoppsan

Born: 07-06-1998 Dead: 10-08-2007      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female (not spayed) Variety: Groenendael
Symptoms: vometing, fever, finaly vometing blood
Type of cancer: cancer of the abdominal cavity
Date diagnozed cancer: 10-08-2007
Diagnoze method: surgery
Medication used: medicine for stomach problems
Notes: She also received medicine for epilepsy which may have been the cause of the cancer, unfortunately do not remember what it was called

Vaquita's Anricco Du Nord Falk vom Nauenhof Lewis du Parc d'Emonville
Ballerine vom Nauenhof
Majka van't Belgisch Schoon Engel du Domaine Ponti
Elga of Lady Mary
A-Te-Ell's Madame Baccara Xurits v.'t Belgisch Schoon Falk vom Nauenhof
Iris v.'t Belgisch Schoon
Ceres Gucci of Ateell Lann Morian du Chemin Des Dames
Evita de la Maison Du Bois

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