Zark Quendi Rivendell

Born: 21-11-2004 Dead: 25-05-2017      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: vomiting, losing weight, not eating well
Type of cancer: Stomach Cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: ...
Diagnoze method: we did ultrasound three times, to rule out other things, we treat for inflamation and didn’t work, so everything indicated stomach cancer, including vomiting with blood in the end
Medication used: ...
Notes: -

Zyghote du Domaine de la Sure Xeros v.d. Hoge Laer Lutin de la Clairiere aux Louves
Tee van de Hoge Laer
Yasmine du Castel de Tylan Hunky du Sart des Bois
Tarogé of the Two
Ucayali-Errata Terwipon Kamil Dylan van de Lamar Lotus de la Grande Lande
Dylan van de Lamar
Errata Hvezdná laguna Acron Zbojnicka
Amara Hvezdná laguna

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