Landmark Navigator "Gator"

Born: 9-9-1994 Dead: 3-2-2003      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male (not spayed) Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: hard, swollen mass in testicles, poor movement, lethargy
Type of cancer: Sertoli Cell Tumor that had metastasized to his spine and other areas of his body
Date diagnozed cancer: 3-2-2003
Diagnoze method: ...
Medication used: ...
Notes: Gator was initially misdiagnosed as having a muscle pull

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Registered offspring with SC or C: Registered siblings with SC or C:
... Landmark Test Pilot (mammarytumor)

Registered half siblings with SC or C:

Same father: Same mother:
Landmark Puppet Master (oral tumor)
Landmark Puppet on a String (GC)
Landmark Puppet Show (Lymphoma)
Landmark Shadow Puppet (GC)
LandmarkMontage Puppeteer (Leukemia)

Other registered relatives with SC or C:

Landmark Sandstone (osteosarcoma)
Landmark Etched in Stone (lung&stomach tumors)
Landmark Gemstone Thief (osteosarcoma)
Offspring of litter sister
Offspring of litter sister
Offspring of litter sister

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