Farao Fox of Mystic Beauty

Born: 12-12-2005 Dead: 10-03-2016      ( dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: Walking badly due to inflamation on toe (thick toe); 8 weeks antibiotics and pain killers, after that he walked well again. After that 2 weeks eating badly, eating grass and finally shortage of breath
Type of cancer: Cancer in lungs, unclear where it originated from, possibly stomach cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: 09-03-2016
Diagnoze method: echo
Medication used: antibiotics, pain killers, protective meds for stomach
Notes: Dog was too ill for furthter investigations, but because of relatives with stomach cancer, he may have had this as well.

Amigo of the Home Port Debelisi Barox Qwinten van t' Sparrebos
Bestseller Wild Flower
Yasmin of the Home Port Thrudor van 't Sparrebos
Rocca of the Homeport
Because I am Noa of Mystic Beauty Timba (LOSH 762374) Djaegar vd Lamar
Osavitre du Cat Sauvage
Innocent Cayley of Dark Brightness Ginno Xandor vd Schagerwaard
Berkens' Almaro GabriŽlla

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