Chateau Blanc's Magic Moment

Born: 25-02-2009 Dead: 22-02-2017      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: vomiting, not eating well, no other symptoms untill the very end
Type of cancer: Stomach Cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: 15-02-2017
Diagnoze method: endoscopic biopsy
Medication used: -
Notes: -

Rockaway's Southern Comfort Yuma de Chateau Blanc Glenoak Eclair for Maplewood
Chateau Blanc's Sunrise
Jedy Ellis van Astrita Hof Louky du Domaine Ponti
Ellis Nerby van Astrita Hof
Chateau Blanc's I'm Coyote Trouble Starwind's Indiana Jones Mirage du Domaine Ponti
Starwind's Autumn Leaves
Chateau Blanc's Diva Vallivue Bon Chance
Zoe de Chateau Blanc

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