Like A Hurricane Aiolos Adonis

Born: 28-10-2005 Dead: 23-05-2016      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male (not spayed) Variety: Malinois
Symptoms: felt a knob near testicles during physical examination
Type of cancer: maligne anaplastic mesenchymale tumor (anaplastic sarcoma)
Date diagnozed cancer: 12-10-2015
Diagnoze method: puncture and later removal of the knob, which also was send in for analysis
Medication used: no
Notes: Because of a sudden unaccountable change in behaviour, blood was examined. This only gave vague signs of a beginning inflamation or chronic process, no clear signs of disease. Therefore an x-ray was made of the thorax on 23-5-2016. This revealed metastases in the lungs, which was the reason to put him to sleep.

Aha van Joefarm (C) Elgos du Chemin des Plaines Atos (LOF 10995/1876)
Barbie (LOF 12412/2084)
Thora van Joefarm Roe van Joefarm
Queenlisa (LOSH 693047)
Umi du Bois des Trembles G'Rico des Loups Mutins Cheyenne des Loups Mutins
Apple des Loups Mutins
Lio du Bois des Trembles Kolos des Deux Pottois
Extra du Plein de la Gueule

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