Aha van Joefarm

Born: 30-09-2001 Dead: 18-12-2009      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male (not spayed) Variety: Malinois
Symptoms: had fits of hypoglycemia
Type of cancer: insulinoma
Date diagnozed cancer: 16-12-2009
Diagnoze method: blood test during hypo
Medication used: no
Notes: Earlier research/scans didn't gave evidence for the insulinoma, only blood work at time of a hypo did. Two days later, after a very heavy fit, he was put to sleep.

Elgos du Chemin des Plaines Atos (LOF 10995/1876) G'Bibber (ALSH 34996)
Pharah de l'Ataman
Barbie (LOF 12412/2084) Vargas de la Fontaine du Buis
Anisette (LOF 11826/1766)
Thora van Joefarm Roe van Joefarm Lucas des Deux Pottois
Nina (LOSH 625901)
Queenlisa (LOSH 693047) Gaillard du Boscaille
Laicka du Boscaille

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