Dujoiedevie Fazilka

Born: 19-10-2004 Dead: 28-12-2016      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: vomiting, losing weight
Type of cancer: Stomach Cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: 30-11-2016
Diagnoze method: Endoscopy
Medication used: -
Notes: Endoscopy done, clear "dirty" mass in stomach. Adenocarcinoma, very typical, said the doctor, no need for biopsy. Dog was euthanized at the same time.

Cousin's Emir's Son Emir du Clan des Toisons d'Or Avril du Puits d'Ombelle
Brin d'Amour des Hauts de Bievre
Bestseller Costa Rica Goya du Parc de Pathyvel
Bestseller Wrap-Around
Cousin's Fitness Rina (SC) Pyrtuulen Roger Rabbit Loviatan Akilles (C) *
Tervuerenhuset's Nerina of Daisi (SC)**
Pyrtuulen Anemone Bestseller Benny Hill
Hocus Pocus du Sart des Bois

* Published in: BBP
** Published in: BBP

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