Sans Brancos Oso Captain Crunch

Born: 30-06-2010 Dead: 03-03-2022      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male (not neutered) Variety: Groenendael
Symptoms: Lump on front left pastern, wouldn't heal after biopsy
Type of cancer: Osteo Sarcoma (front left lower leg)
Date diagnozed cancer: 02-06-2021
Diagnoze method: Biopsy
Medication used: Local chemo injections, oral chemo, immune system support suuplements
Notes: Also severely epileptic, meds: Keppra XL, Zonisamide, Phenobarbital. Cancer was confirmed by biopsy, removed lump but not clean margins, wouldn't heal for months. Improved after several months, but continued to grow/open to till metastasized. Removal of affected front leg was not an option due to rear-end weakness (due to epilepsy meds).

Sans Brancos Why Zorba Of Parabeau Celebre Elijah Of Hillside Greco de la Grande Lande
Chantryile Celebre Angelina
Krysti van't Belgisch Schoon Lucius du Clos du Cher
Gailly van't Belgisch Schoon
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Uniquest van't Belgisch Schoon
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Sans Brancos Faux Paux D'Truvale

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Adagio Belbrook Oso Deep Purple (SC) Similar ancestors: Krysti van't Belgisch Schoon, Greco de la Grande Lande

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