Halusetha’s Silvi

Born: 13-10-1987 Dead: 06-09-2002      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female (spayed at 12 y) Variety: Malinois
Symptoms: only dark urine, urinary infection
Type of cancer: cancer in the spleen
Date diagnozed cancer: 06-09-2002
Diagnoze method: echo
Medication used: -
Notes: Silvi also had mammatumors from 11 years of age on. They were surgically removed. Later she developed cancer in the spleen. If there was any connection is unknown.

Mark v.d. Leesthof Kastor Mark
Elvira van de Hoeffaert Ajax du Maugre
Banca du Maugre
Bianka v. ‘t Fra-Ma’s Home Ivou Dracka v.d. Oudenakker Xeres de la Belle Edita
Mira Carlo v. Kristalhof
Tosca v. Kapelzicht

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