Filou l'Heritage de Duc

Born: 10-09-2004 Dead: 03-08-2013      ( dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female Variety: Groenendael
Symptoms: vomiting from puppy age, first sometimes, later every day, also sick during cardriving the first year, last weeks she vomits 6 times a day, she stopped eating for 2 weeks, lost weight
Type of cancer: Stomach Cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: 01-08-2013
Diagnoze method: endoscopic biopsy
Medication used: Yes, before the diagnosis, several medications were tried
Notes: She had also suffered with demodex (not generalized)
We let her go on 03-08-2013, the vet put her asleep, because she was very sick en her weight was 15 kg Instead of 22, her normal weight...). She was playing with us and the other dog till the last days...However she was severely ill and we didn't want her to suffer anymore.

Ucar de Sincfal Buster-Jessie v. Lana's Hof Buddy v. Lana's Hof
Jessie v. Lana's Hof
Raika-Wendy v. Lana's Hof Carry du Perigord Vert
Wendy v. Lana's Hof
Wolfje Shadow de Bruine Bbuck Grimm (LOI GB 43695)
Nozem de Bruine Buck
Cora de Bruine Buck Nebukadnezar of the Two
Avelance del Castel Sardo

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