Night Sky's Cascade Horizon

Born: 27-11-2013 Dead: 11-08-2022      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female (spayed) Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: Growth on anus, followed by not eating, depression
Type of cancer: Metastatic carcinoma with squamous differentiation
Date diagnozed cancer: 04-08-2022
Diagnoze method: necropsy
Medication used: pain pills only
Notes: Histopathology confirms a metastatic epithelial neoplasm arising from the perineal region. Our top differentials are squamous cell carcinoma, apocrine gland anal sac adenocarcinoma (AGASACA), and apocrine (sweat gland) adenocarcinoma. Given the extensive metastatic pattern involving lymph nodes, lung, and spleen an AGASACA is initially considered. AGASACAs are malignant perianal neoplasms that arise from the secretory epithelium of the anal sac. This cancer is more common in older intact female dogs and common sites of metastasis include iliac and sublumbar lymph nodes, and occasionally the lung, liver, bone and spleen. Squamous cell carcinomas are usually regionally invasive and can metastasize to regional lymph nodes and distant sites, but usually do not do so until later in the course of disease.
This patient also has mild coronary vascular disease and adrenocortical hyperplasia but we believe these to be incidental with regards to clinical signs. There is no further testing currently pending and the case is finalized.

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Snowflower Tuceau de Sharvon (SC) Grandfather Snowflower Voila Sharvonne is father of Snowflower Tuceau de Sharvon

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