Tacara's Blazin Banon

Born: 18-02-2002 Dead: 09-09-2013      ( dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Male (neutered at 2 years) Variety: Tervueren
  • anal gland adenocarcinoma: large anal gland tumor
  • stomach cancer: vomiting, losing weight, not eating well
Date diagnozed:
  • anal gland adenocarcinoma: 23-01-2013
  • stomach cancer: 13-08-2013
Diagnoze method:
  • anal gland adenocarcinoma: biopsy
  • stomach cancer: endoscopic biopsy
Medication used:
  • anal gland adenocarcinoma: chemotherapy - 5 doses of Doxorubicin (Adraiamycin) IV spaced every 3-4 weeks. Cytoxan (Cyclophosphamide) orally once a week x 5 month. Other meds: flagyl - Tramadol
  • stomach cancer: Cerenia 2x day, Carafate 3x day, Famotidine 2x day, (Tramadol following endoscopic biopsy)
  • anal gland adenocarcinoma: 29-01-2013 surgery to remove anal gland tumor; had to remove 25% of his sphincter and create new rectal opening.
  • Banon also had epilepsy (dx. @18 months, sept 2004); on 60 mg Phenobarb bid Potassium Bromide, also on Denamarin or Milk Thistle for liver support.

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