Casenoroyale Sakara Siloette of Andraste

Born: 29-10-2009 Dead: 28-04-2020      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: vomiting, losing weight, not eating well
Type of cancer: Stomach Cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: 28-04-2020
Diagnoze method: endoscopic biopsy
Medication used: See additional information at the bottom of this page
Notes: See additional information at the bottom of this page

Casenoroyale Eros Zabadac van de Hoge Laer Falco v.d. Lamar
Nadia de la Grande Lande
Delatro J'Lebola of Casenoroyale Hexen House Rawk of Claudeniel
Delatro Orka
Casenoroyale Empress Zabadac van de Hoge Laer Falco v.d. Lamar
Nadia de la Grande Lande
Delatro J'Lebola of Casenoroyale Hexen House Rawk of Claudeniel
Delatro Orka

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Additional information

In February 2019, Ziggy lost a tremendous amount of weight very quickly and was referred to a small animal specialist for tests. Extensive tests were done, including ultrasounds, x-rays, and biopsies were done from the stomach lining, intestinal lining and from enlarged nodes. All results were clear for cancer, and Ziggy was diagnosed for IBD (irritable bowel disease) and placed onto a prescription of antibiotics, steroids, B12 injections and placed onto Hills Sensitivity diet (duck and tapioca). Ziggy bounced back in no time and returned to what looked like full health. Ziggy had quarterly blood tests to check various levels to see if the IBD was still in check. Her last checkup was February 2020 where she was given the all clear.

From April 19th (Sunday), she began to vomit, just once - just bile. Her appetite was strong and her weight was consistent. Over the next couple of days, the vomiting became constant, around 2PM and 5AM each day - not influenced by eating times it seemed. I contacted her consultant who prescribed anti-nausea medicine and booked her in for tests on the following Monday to see if the IBD was reoccurring. Ziggy's energy levels were still high. On Friday 24th April she started to turn her nose up at food. On Saturday 25th April she would only eat the wet food (still the Hills Sensitivity) and by Sunday 26th April Ziggy stopped eating completely, though was interested in treats.

Monday 27th April we took Ziggy through to the specialist. On arriving at the practice, Ziggy started to vomit bile once more (had been suppressed by the anti-nausea medicine over the weekend) and started to look a little deflated. The specialist decided to hospitalise Ziggy, despite the weight appearing to be stable, and to run blood tests and an ultrasound.

The evening of the 27th, the specialist called to say that the blood tests were normal but that the ultrasound had highlighted free fluid in her abdomen, and that the nodes surrounding her liver were also enlarged. The free fluid contained abnormal cells so a biopsy was requested on the samples from the abdomen and from the nodes.

Despite the medication given to stimulate Ziggy's appetite, she refused all food. The results came back that the abnormal cells in the free fluid were cancerous (malignant). A biopsy on the fluid and stomach samples, confirmed the gastric cancer. The sample from the nodes was also positive for cancer so the cancer had metastasised. No tumours were present, meaning the cancer was diffused and therefore surgery was not an option. Due to the aggressive nature of the cancer, the prognosis was poor and no meaningful palliative care was put forward. The specialist said that Ziggy had been losing weight, but that was hidden by the weight of the free fluid that had developed in her abdomen (picture her tummy looking like a water balloon by this time), and that this could happen as quickly as it seemed to (not necessarily sneaking up over time).

As she had now started to show outward signs of being unhappy, and that no reasonable medical course could be taken, we made the painful decision to limit her suffering and let her go (she passed in my arms).

Ziggy has one son, whom I still own. No other progeny came from Ziggy.

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