P'eyden du Clos du Chemin Vert

Born: 14-10-2019 Dead: 03-05-2024      (dates: dd-mm-yyyy)
Sex: Female Variety: Tervueren
Symptoms: vomiting, not eating well
Type of cancer: Stomach Cancer
Date diagnozed cancer: 07-05-2024 (autopsy)
Diagnoze method: Surgical biopsies
Medication used: Ulcogant
Notes: Lymphoplasmacytic entheropathy diagnosed in 2022. Cancer not visible on ultrasound (thick stomach but no visible tumor), she had regular examinations in veterinary hospital due to her other illness. Very few symptoms until 10 days before her death by euthanasia. Eyden only showed symptoms shortly before her death despite very regular veterinary monitoring. The cancer was very advanced when she died.

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